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  • RCC chosen as featured cabinet manufacturer in Atlanta Magazine
    RCC President/CEO Amir Nejad will appear in an upcoming issue of Atlanta Magazine to discuss keys to success in the cabinetry business.
  • RCC signs contract for luxury home project in Nassau, Bahamas
    RCC recently completed a renovation project for a luxurious private residence located in Nassau, Bahamas. This project is one of many international projects for the company. RCC successfully renovated the entire cabinet and woodwork in the home.
  • RCC earns LEED certification
    RCC earned the LEED certification, an independent, third-party verification that a building and cabinetry meets the highest Eco-Friendly building and performance evaluation, to promote healthier lives and better places to live, work, and play. RCC successfully completed the LEED rigorous certification process to earn Eco-Friendly designation and promote greener alternatives to cabinetry manufacturing. Today, RCC proudly displays the LEED

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