Royal Custom Cabinets
Custom Designed. Luxury Crafted.
Discover Your Style. Be bold. Dare to dream.
Let our team help you to bring your dream to life.
With RCC, you do not have to compromise your style, dreams, and design wishes. We are efficient, cost-effective, and professional. RCC simplifies the design process to ensure that your final design comes to life as you originally imagined. We make it easy for you to select the look that is perfect for your home.

Planning and Layout

We help you plan the perfect design for the function for your space and home plan. Our team will access and define the structure of your space in order to custom build your cabinetry.

  • Picture of plan out with measurements (if possible). Walk through a 3-D image of your actual space with our state of the art Microvellum ® software

Identify Function and Usability

RCC will design elements to fit the specifications, function, and form your space. RCC has access to latest generation of cabinet hardware/accessories. Discover the latest innovations in hardware to enhance the usability of your new custom cabinetry and furniture.
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